We are looking for volunteers to support our organization. Benefits include Award Certificate, Letter of Recommendation, FREE meals and FREE stay at the property and many more... Contact us for more details.

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Introducing the

60 Cooper Foundation

An invitation to entrepreneurs, celebrities and anyone
in architecture, construction or similar industries

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Join me

Thomas C. Gan, Founder and CEO

An invitation to entrepreneurs, celebrities and anyone in architecture, construction or similar industries
It is my great honor to invite you to join me in establishing a foundation that is not only a charity but also assists start-ups in getting their ideas off the ground – A hybrid between a non-profit and investment organization.

The Purpose Behind the Foundation

The most difficult task that faces an entrepreneur is how to take their brilliant idea from concept to reality. Kick starting that idea and getting things moving can seem to some to be nearly impossible. But those with big dreams are our future and have proven to be the only ones who have ever pushed us forward into a new era of innovation and wonder. So that’s the first purpose of our foundation – giving those who forge our future a platform from which to launch. You may have seen this model being applied successfully on ABC’s Shark Tank.
Our second intent/purpose is to raise much-needed funds for those charitable causes which are near and dear to us. Our fund-raising efforts will be two-fold. First, we will raise funds specifically directed towards research for the cure for debilitating and ultimately fatal brain diseases. And secondly, we will raise funds for vital programs aimed at helping and encouraging young autistic children.

Introducing The 60 Cooper Foundation

This venture will be known as the 60 Cooper Foundation, named for the property on which it resides. The 60 Cooper Foundation is being established to usher in future brilliant business minds and simultaneously raise funds for brain disease research and to assist autistic children. It is a hybrid between a non-profit and for-profit organization. On one side we offer an investment opportunity that will be used to light the fuse for new business ideas that only need capital to be realized and thus allowing us all to share in the profits and success of each new venture. On the other side we are operating a non-profit charity to aid research into brain disease and to assist children with autism.

About The Property

I’m delighted to announce that I have successfully secured one of the most premium property lands in the center of Orange County, CA. The property (60 Cooper) is located at the Baker Ranch at Lake Forest and is only 10 mins away from the world-renowned entertainment center – The Irvine Spectrum Center. Construction will begin in September 2017 and the estimated completion is summer 2018.

The property will serve as a center hub

To host charity events all year round – to bring awareness to brain diseases and the needs of autistic children. And to raise much-needed funds for those charitable causes which are near and dear to us.

To host Shark Tank-type events for up-and-coming entrepreneurs – to share and discuss ideas in a small group setting and to offer funding if the ideas have real potential. The foundation will invest and each shareholder will share in the profits of each success venture

A private luxury resort for famous and up-and-coming YouTubers. Each YouTuber who stays on the property will be required to make a video about the property and introduce the foundation to their subscribers.

To host VIP network events with celebrity speakers, successful entrepreneurs, professionals from the interior design, architecture and construction-related industries. Invited guests will include Elon Musk, Phil Knight, Jack Ma and many more.


Our First Funding Goal –

$9 Million

It consists of 2 phases of funding in order to fully realize the foundation.

Phase I

The funds will be used to purchase the property and perform the necessary construction upgrades.

Phase II

Funds will be used toward the charity and investment funds for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.


The property will offer the following amenities

A private luxury resort that features world-class interior design features with a state-of-the-art infinity pool, floating courtyard, 100% solar-powered electricity, app-controlled water features, fully automated smart homes with advanced security features, two VIP guest rooms with private retreats + two additional guest rooms and so much more.

During each VIP guest visit, a personal house keeper and personal chef will be provided. Each guest will enjoy world-class hotel resort style service with gourmet meals from some of the country’s top chefs. A private limousine will pick up VIPs directly from the airport and drop them off when they depart.

And more...

As 60 Cooper guests, you will have full access to all the recreational facilities that Baker Ranch has to offer. While enjoying your stay at the Baker Ranch, you’ll be surrounded by resort-style amenities that keep you active, refreshed and connected with your surroundings. The community is bordered by more than 900 acres of pristine protected habitat, mountain vistas and picturesque rolling hills. Needless to say, the scenery is breathtaking. Amenities include 2 recreation centers, 8 parks and multiple walking trails, numerous sparkling swimming pools and so much more. While it offers the peace and tranquility of a secluded resort, it is also centrally located just minutes away from major highways, the airport, train stations, business districts, shopping centers, quality entertainment and virtually anything you could ask for.

Benefit of Your Contribution

Your contribution is more than just fuel to get our foundation up and running – it is an investment. Each donor who contributes $25,000 or more will become a shareholder. Future earnings from the foundation will be shared fairly according to the share you own.
Those who contribute funds in excess of $500,000 will automatically be placed on the Board of Directors. This will place those donors in a position to make decisions on how each investment should be used. A similar model is featured on Shark Tank. As part of the Board you’ll be key in all major investment decisions.
*To the architecture/construction donors, in return for your sponsorship, I invite you to visit my company site (ThomasOn360.com) and let me know how I can serve you. All services that I provide will be at no cost, simply as a thank you.
Taking it a step further, each donor will be allowed to advertise their products or services through any events hosted on the property. Each VIP guest will receive a high value gift bag which will include your company brochure or product samples. Essentially, the foundation is offering you the channel to advertise your products and services to some of the world’s most powerful players such as Elon Musk, Paul Allen, Phil Knight, Jack Ma, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec and many more.
Every donor and sponsor is invited to stay at the property on selected days of the year at no cost (some rules apply). That of course includes you. I want to thank you for taking the time to consider what I have proposed in this letter. We’re very excited about the potential for our new foundation. I hope you are too. To realize this dream fully we need to complete this final phase of funding. I invite you to reach out to us and come along on this journey. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Property Design

We are just starting the interior design phase. Check back in few weeks for amazing result.


Let's Get In Touch

We welcome you to contact us for more information about our foundation. If you would like to become our Volunteer or Sponsors, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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